Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

Allows us to provide primary care services in a comprehensive and affordable way without hidden fees. Our pricing is transparent. If we provide non-covered services you are informed of the pricing before service is provided, this applies mainly to procedures, medications, laboratory tests and specialist consultation. If we recommend an imaging study, we work with you to find reasonable prices if paying in cash. Most of our non-covered services are discounted up to 90% less than insurance prices.

Some of the benefits included are routine physicals, school physicals, chronic disease management, urgent care visits. This is in addition to easy access to your doctor, low cost of labs and medications. Laboratory studies included in the membership fee can be found on the services page. These include rapid strep test, urinalysis, urine pregnancy test, EKG.

We do not charge per visit. Monthly payment due the 1st of each month. If any non-covered services are required at the first visit, the cost will be provided before services to keep it transparent for you.

We accept full payment for non-covered services at time of service. All non-covered services will be discussed with the patient before services provided. Non-covered services include: -Labs (discounted up to 90% less than insurance-based prices) -Medications dispensed and for in office procedures (at wholesale pricing) -Pathology cost for pap smears, skin biopsies etc.

Of course! We want you to be well so we can dedicate more time to preventative care and lifestyle changes to facilitate healthy living. However, if and when you need care, we will be available to you to provide personalized services tailored to your needs with the intention of eliminating urgent care and ED visits that will increase your health care cost. One-health DPC can get patients evaluated same day or next business day.

No copay for office visits or routine physicals. Easy access to your doctor via phone, email, and video visits. Negotiated low cost of labs, and wholesale prices on medications. Goal is to decrease urgent care and ED visits which can run $200-$1000 per visit.

Yes and No. In concierge your fee is for access but does not cover your care entirely and they still bill insurance. In DPC, your monthly fee covers your visits as well as wholesale prices on medications, labs, and direct access to your doctor.

We do not require members to sign any contracts. Memberships are ongoing and open and must be paid to maintain services with us. If membership lapses or you cancel, and you would like to renew your membership with us there is a re-enrollment fee of $250.

Absolutely!! Often these are the members who see the benefit of our services. Our membership is not based on any existing or medical condition.

You may want to check with your human resources department regarding the use of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) as possible payment options for your membership. If you are unable to use these funds to pay for the membership fee directly, please find out if it can be used for other services through our office. There is a good chance that you can still use your HSA/FSA as reimbursement for certain services provided through our office.

Please check with your tax consultant to clarify tax consequences in your circumstances.

One-health DPC does not accept insurance and does not replace insurance. We do not bill your insurance company. Patients pay a monthly fee ranging from $45 – $95 a month that covers all your visits including sick visits, chronic disease visits and wellness exams.

One-health DPC will be able to care for 80-90% of your primary care needs however we recommend patients still have insurance to cover unexpected, expensive, and catastrophic events. We are not a financial or health advisor and recommend you speak with a professional in that industry on what insurance is appropriate for you. Most members in DPC practices often find a high deductible low premium insurance is appropriate.

Absolutely! we take care of any patient regardless of your insurance status. Since we work completely outside of the insurance system, none of the billing for care here is eligible for insurance reimbursement. However, we recommend that everyone have insurance coverage in the event of a major health issue.

Yes, however we do not participate in Medicaid, therefore, monthly fee will apply as all members.

We do accept Medicare patients however we do not bill Medicare for your services and monthly fee applies. Your Medicare benefits will remain unchanged and can continue to be used for all other medical care received outside of our practice. Medicare will still cover your hospitalizations. They will also cover any laboratory testing, imaging, medications, prescribed by our offices.

Your insurance will continue to work as usual at other doctor or specialist offices, pharmacies, and hospital. PPO style plans do not require an in-network primary doctor and therefore will have no problem using their insurance for other services while still members at One-health DPC. If you have HMO plan please contact your insurance.

Insurance companies do not recognize our membership fees as reimbursable expenses. For non-covered service fees (labs, medications etc), we can provide you with a receipt of payment and you can proceed with your insurance plan if you wish. This can be helpful in large expenses ex. MRI and CT imaging.

We will not share your information with any third party without your permission.

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